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Megan Michelotti, LMT, CMLDT is a massage therapist in Grand Rapids, MI.

Her educational journey into massage therapy at the Institute of Sanative Arts exposed her to the practice of Manual Lymph Drainage. During massage school, she duel-enrolled in a Bachelor's Level MLD Certification Program through MLD Institute International and has been logging case study hours ever since. With the results she saw in her case study clients, she founded MLD Therapy of Grand Rapids immediately after licensure, eager to bring this method of optimizing health and healing to Grand Rapids.

As a Certified Doula through DONA International, Megan has a long history of partnering with Grand Rapids medical professionals to do the most good for her clients. Megan views each client's wellness journey holistically, including through times of physical adversity like injury, surgery or pregnancy.

Before turning to manual therapy, Megan worked in the local news industry as a reporter and producer. She earned a Broadcast & Cable Production degree from Western Michigan University in 2004.

Megan makes her home in Grandville. She finds great joy in raising her three boys and spends her free time training for obstacle course races.

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